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A beginner’s guide to blackjack strategy charts

Almost every game out there needs strategies that can help improve your chances of winning. For casino games, some players often use betting strategies, while others devise their ways so that the odds are in their favour. As for the latter part, it takes a lot of studying and practice for someone to arrive at a foolproof strategy.

This can be seen in blackjack – a game where you go against the dealer in terms of having a hand value close to or exactly 21. Proficient players have tried and tested a lot of strategies, but one thing that helped them strategically win is the blackjack strategy charts.

A blackjack strategy chart appears as a table containing different hand values of you, the player, as well as the dealer’s upcard. Each hand value tells you a certain action you need to do so that you can either win or avoid going bust. To give you a better idea of this strategy chart, it is best to break it down into different sections.

The different actions you can do in blackjack

Before you start memorizing the entire blackjack strategy chart, you must first learn the different actions you can do in blackjack. There are a total of four, so here is a list that will explain what they are:

  • Hit – Saying hit or tapping the table means that you are asking the dealer to give you another card. 
  • Stand – Taking a stand means that you are holding the value of your hand and ending your turn.
  • Double – Double, or double down, is the action where you place an additional bet in return for one card. This additional bet should be equal to your ante, or the wager you placed at the beginning of the game.
  • Split – Having two cards of the same value is the opportunity to split, giving you two hands instead of one.

With this knowledge in mind, you are now aware of what you can do when playing blackjack. Now, the next thing you need to know is when to take the correct action depending on the situation you are in.

Taking action in these blackjack outcomes 

In blackjack, four outcomes can happen, which are called hard totals, soft totals, pairs splitting and bust. The hand value you receive will determine what situation you will be in, so it is best to know what to do in every scenario.

Additionally, here is a legend chart to help you understand each blackjack strategy chart:

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Hard totals

Your hand is under the hard totals when you do not receive an ace. But if you do, it will only be counted as one. Here is a chart that will tell you what to do depending on your hand value as well as the dealer’s upcard:

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Soft totals

On the other hand, soft totals are hands that contain an ace. It is the player’s decision to either count their ace as 1 or 11. To know what to do when you have a soft total hand, check the chart below that will guide you accordingly:

image 1

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Pairs splitting

When you have two cards of the same value, this is the opportunity to split them into two hands. However, not all pairs are suitable for splitting since some can be a recipe for disaster. An example of this splitting a pair of 10 – having two hands of 10s is a situation that can bust easily. If your second card is 4 or 5, it would be hard to hit again for another card. To help you avoid that from happening, here is a table that will tell you when to split:


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Surrendering means you have to fold, or in other words forfeit, since you already know that the opponent has the upper hand. In blackjack, you are only required to surrender on the following circumstances:


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With these blackjack strategy charts, you are all set to practise and test the actions yourself!

Things to keep in mind when using the strategy charts

While you are fully equipped with the blackjack strategy charts, there are things you need to keep in mind when using the charts. Continue reading the following section to know what they are:

  1. Reading the charts properly

At first glance, reading the blackjack strategy charts can be difficult because of the multiple elements found across the sheets. As a solution, here is how to read the charts:

  • Wait for the dealer to give you your first two cards. Once you have them, determine what kind of hand you have.
  • Once you determine your hand, look for the value at the leftmost side of the chart.
  • Afterwards, look for the value of the dealer’s uphand on your chart.
  • Once you find both values, trace their path until they reach their meeting point. Whatever action is written, you should follow it.
  1. Always take note of the dealer’s uphand value

Apart from your hand value, you also need to take note of the dealer’s uphand. This is your only clue on what action you should take. Additionally, you can find the dealer’s uphand values at the top of the blackjack strategy charts.

  1. Memorizing and practising

You are allowed to publicly use the blackjack strategy charts when you play, but you would perform better if you memorize every action for each situation. The only way to do this is to study closely each recommended action per hand value. Aside from that, you need to pair this with countless practising. With these two combined, you will know the charts by heart, and you can play more confidently!

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