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Bowler vs Batsman: How to play Ezugi’s Cricket War

Known as one of the best providers of live dealer games, Ezugi has introduced lots of great gameplay for novice and seasoned players alike. If you’ve ever played one of their games, you know their studios operate on cutting-edge technology, immersing you in a realistic gambling scenario. They offer complex game mechanics that would allow you to have fun and develop in-depth strategies at the same time.

This includes the Cricket War, a card game that’s almost similar to Casino War. Since cricket is a popular sport in India, Ezugi has found a way to tap into its gambling market through this straightforward game. If you’re looking for a game to kickstart your casino journey with a bang, then this game is the perfect one for you. Continue reading below to know the rules of Cricket War!

Casino Cricket War rules: How to play

Cricket War uses eight decks of cards that are usually pre-shuffled before the game begins. After the shuffle, the croupier burns the first three cards of the shoe and cuts one deck.

At the start of the Cricket War, two hands are dealt: one for Batsman and another one for Bowler. Once the croupier opens bets, you have to place a wager on the side you believe will win or if they will tie. Keep in mind that Cricket War is a fast-paced game, so you should finish placing a bet within twenty seconds.

To place a wager, select a chip value displayed on the screen and then click Bowler, Batsman, Tie or Suited Tie on the table. If the game is still in progress, you should wait until it completes before placing your bet.

The hand with a higher value wins the round. However, the round will end in a Suited Tie if both hands have the same value and suit.

Since the main objective of the game is to predict which hand will have the biggest value, it comes with card rankings. Listed below are the cards ranked from lowest to highest:

CardCard value
Jack (J)11
Queen (Q)12
King (K)13

If you bet on the right side, here are the following payouts you can win:

Suited Tie50:1

Keep in mind that bets on Bowler and Batsman will lose 50% of the bet amount in the event of a tie or a suited tie. 

Join the Cricket War: Tips and strategies on how to win 

Just like any card game, playing the Cricket War opens doors for a couple of strategies to maximise your chances of winning. If you want to make the most of your time playing, check out some strategies below:

Manage your bankroll

There’s no doubt that the easier a casino game is, the more addictive it is. This goes the same for Cricket War since it has easy gameplay and rules that won’t take you hours to understand. That’s why it is highly recommended to set a budget and manage your bankroll when playing. 

Nothing is guaranteed, especially since the game is mostly a game of chance. Even if you lose, make sure that you stick to your budget to avoid chasing your losses. For instance, you can set a loss limit that urges you to stop playing the session when you lose a certain amount. 

Ditch the Tie and Suited Tie bets

If you’re a casual player with a tight budget, it’s best to skip the Tie and Suited Tie bets for now. Instead, place your wagers on either the Bowler or Batsman since they both have a lower house edge. You may not win tremendous cash prizes in one round with this strategy, but you can guarantee that you will have small wins throughout the game. 

Cricket War features you should know

Aside from the thrilling and easy gameplay, Ezugi’s Cricket war comes with several features to take your gambling experience to a whole new level. This includes: 

Live Chat

Gone are the days when you had to visit brick-and-mortar casinos to gamble and socialise with other people at the same time. With the rise of live dealer games like Cricket War, you can connect with players from across the world using the live chat feature! You get the chance to form friendships with your fellow players, learn some tips and share your thoughts while you play the game. You also have the option to turn off the feature if you prefer to play alone.

Bead road and statistics

Although Cricket War is mostly based on pure luck, you can still form your own strategies to predict correctly in every round. For instance, you will find the bead road and statistics on the lower left of the screen. These sections display the percentage of winnings for every bet type, allowing you to think about your next move based on the previous rounds. 

Top-notch studio set-up

Ezugi has made great strides in developing live dealer games, especially with Cricket War. Since the game revolves around cricket sport, you’ll see pictures of athletes playing in an arena in the background. The fabric surface of the table also looks like a cricket field, which is a treat for Indian fans of the sport!

Play Cricket War Live with Casino Days India

Now that you know all the rules and payouts of Cricket War, it’s time for you to try your luck and bet on either the Bowler or Batsman! What makes the game attractive is you don’t need to be an expert player to win cash prizes. For as long as you make the right prediction on which hand will have the highest value, then you’re off to a great start. Sign up, make a deposit and bet on Cricket War Live today!

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