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An in-depth guide about casino skill games

The popularity of slots has never waned even with casinos going online. With this change came a new kind of slots created to attract a younger generation of players. Called skill-based video slots, this one-of-a-kind game that does not entirely rely on luck is slowly making its way to the top of many online casinos.

However, many online gamblers are still not acquainted with the fact that such skill games now exist. To help you get familiar with the uprising innovation in slots, read on and take an in-depth look at casino skill games below.

What are casino skill games?

Casino skill games are a new form of video slots that do not rely solely on Random Number Generators (RNG) unlike its traditional counterpart. Like common slots, you still need to place a bet to start a casino skill game, but unlike the former, your winning chances in the latter rely on how you play and not just on the RNG. 

This means that you can increase your chances of winning by getting better at the game, which can’t be said for classic slots whose results are always random no matter how long you play. This is an innovation that levels up the gameplay of regular casino slots.

Casino skill games vs traditional slots

Since regular casino slots use RNG, you can’t guess what combination will be displayed every spin so your chances of winning are uncertain. However, today there are a lot of video slots that have bonus features where you will need more than just luck to win. 

For instance, in the popular slot game titled Space Invaders developed by Ash Gaming, the initial gameplay is much like the traditional slots where you place bets and spin the reels. However, during the bonus round, you will be offered a choice between ‘Luck’ or ‘Skill’. Choosing ‘Luck’ will give you a chance to win a few dollars while choosing ‘Skill’ will direct you to whole new gameplay where you shoot aliens to earn credits.

Today, many skill-based slots are available where you can utilise your gaming skills and control how much you can win. Rather than just watching the reels spin before your eyes, you can enjoy slots in various ways such as manually pairing symbols, shooting in-game characters or winning fights. 

Top 5 casino skill games in Casino Days

The combination of traditional gambling with an interactive element makes skill-based casino games different from the rest. To personally experience how unique these games are, you can try playing the most popular skill-based games listed below:

AstroBoomers To The Moon

Game developer: Spearhead

How it is played: 

  1. Select your bets for the current game round.
  2. Click the eject button of the rocket and get ready for the take-off.
  3. The higher the rocket climbs, the higher the multiplier will be.
  4. Eject from the rocket once you reach your desired multiplier.
  5. Try to eject before the rocket collides with a meteor or else you lose all your bets and potential winnings.

Candy Prize

Game developer: Green Jade Games

How it is played:

  1. Select your bets.
  2. Match gems by connecting three or more identical symbols in one line.
  3. Complete the required combinations within a specific time to get wins.

Fruit Blast

Game developer: Skillzz Gaming

How it is played:

  1. Select your bets.
  2. Create winning combinations by matching symbols of three or more.
  3. Aim to collect the bet prize listed on the left side of the screen which shows the required combinations you need to complete.

Poke The Guy

Game developer: Microgaming

How it is played:

  1. Select your bets. Each bet size has different weapons assigned to it.
  2. Hit the guy wearing a yellow outfit by shooting him using your weapon.

The Incredible Balloon Machine

Game developer: Crazy Tooth Studio

How it is played:

  1. Select your bets.
  2. Hold the spin button to start the game.
  3. The longer you press the spin button, the larger the prize gets.
  4. Hit the collect button before the balloon pops, which happens at random moments.

How to win in casino skill games

Before playing the casino skill games listed above right away, here are some tips and tricks you can use to help you win. Check them out below.

  • Stick to your gambling budget

Make it a habit to set a specific amount of money you can spend on playing casino games. There are times when gamblers initially bag big wins but end up losing them again, simply because they do not know when to stop. To prevent this from happening, it is best to practice good money management skills. This way, you can lessen the risk of losing more money than earning more wins.

  • Understand how each special symbol works

In most skill-based slot games you play, there are special symbols that can give you more winning combinations once used. Make sure you understand the purpose of each symbol so you can use them more wisely and don’t end up wasting their values.

  • Practice your hand-eye coordination and multitasking skills

When playing casino skill games, you need to keep track of a lot of things such as aiming at many opponents or matching symbols within a specified period. You need to practice your hand-eye coordination to perform better at using the controls while keeping track of your potential winnings at the same time.

  • Try demo mode first

Keep in mind that casino skill games are different from the classic fruit slots where you just spin the reels to try your chances of winning. Skill games rely on your knowledge of the game features, so getting a little bit of practice beforehand can go a long way. The best way to do this is to play its demo version first before playing for real money.

Casino skill games are the future of slots

Increased levels of interactivity and skill-based gameplay are key selling points casinos need to attract younger slot players and these are exactly what casino skill games offer. Since these are developed to suit the preferences of the new generation, it is possible that these can conquer the list of slot titles in the future. Play casino skill games here at Casino Days to get a feel of how the future of slots can be!

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