A player’s guide to playing Dream Catcher live

Dream Catcher is the ultimate wheel of fortune game that gives you the opportunity to win big with its appealing wheel of rewards. With its fun gameplay and game show-like set-up, Dream Catcher proves why it is one of the most popular games today. Let the game host and colourful wheel entertain you in every round when you play Dream Catcher here at Casino Days!  

Dream Catcher rules

Before learning how to play the game, get to know the rules of Dream Catcher live below:

  • There are 54 segments on the wheel separated by pins. 
  • 52 segments are marked with the numbers 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 40.
  • 2 multipliers—2x and 7x are the bonus spins on the wheel.   
  • Winnings for each game round can multiply up to mBTC 25,000. 
  • The optimal RTP for this game is 95.65%.
  • You need to have sufficient funds in order to participate in the game.
  • Only the chips that can be covered by your funds are available for you to choose from. 
  • The Repeat button that allows you to place your previous bet is only available before the first chip is placed.
  • The DOUBLE (2x) can be used after placing any bet. Every time you click it will double your bet up to a maximum limit that your fund can cover.
  • Autoplay allows you to go to the next round of play immediately after the previous one. You can select the number of Autoplay rounds but the maximum will be calculated based on the value of your total bet.

How to play 

After learning the rules of the game, find out how the game is played and discover if you have what it takes to hit multiple wins. Here’s how to play Dream Catcher live:

  1. To start playing, you need to choose from the six chips presented below the screen with values ranging from 0.02, 0.25, 0.50, 1.25, 5 and 10. 
  2. If your fund doesn’t cover the value of the chip you chose, you can’t select the chip.
  3. After selecting the chip, place a bet on the number that you believe the wheel flapper will stop at. Choose from six bills marked with the numbers 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 40. 
  4. After placing your bets, the host will spin the wheel.
  5. If the wheel’s flapper stopped at the segment you bet on, you win. 
  6. If the flapper stops between two segments, the one that the flapper was passing is the winning segment.
  7. If the flapper points on either a 2x or 7x multiplier, all bets will remain in place and the host will spin the wheel again. 
  8. Wherever the wheel flapper points at is the winning segment of the spin but its odds will be multiplied based on which multiplier the wheel landed on earlier.

Bets and payouts

Each bet type corresponds to the number on the wheel and has its own minimum and maximum bets. The table below shows each bet type’s values as well as their payouts: 

Bet typeMinimum betMaximum betPayouts
1mBTC 0.02mBTC 2501:1
2mBTC 0.02mBTC 2502:1
5mBTC 0.02mBTC 2505:1
10mBTC 0.02mBTC 12510:1
20mBTC 0.02mBTC 12520:1
40mBTC 0.02mBTC 2040:1

Dream Catcher strategy

With the help of strategies, you can increase your chances of winning in Dream Catcher. Learn more about these strategies below:

Spread strategy

As the name suggests, the Spread strategy is about allocating your bet on certain segments on the wheel.

This strategy involves spreading your bet throughout 5x, 10x, 20x, and 40x segments. This is a good strategy to start out with because the return from placing a bet is high compared to 1x and 2x. 

For instance, if you bet £5 on each of the top four segments for a total of £20, then you’ll always make a profit of £5.

Additionally, the 2x and 7x multipliers are the main focus of this strategy. By betting on 5x, 10x, 20x, and 40x segments, you will cover the highest-paying area since it covers almost a quarter of the wheel. When you land on either of the multipliers, you have a higher chance of winning because of the wheel coverage. 

Slow and steady strategy

The slow and steady strategy is ideal for you if you want to maintain your bankroll and hit wins slowly. This involves betting on segments that appear many times on the wheel but don’t have high payouts compared to other segments.

If you want to be safer, you can bet on the 1x and 2x segments since it covers 38 out of 54 segments, giving you far greater coverage of 70%.

Although the return is lower, you can still boost your bankroll safely if you don’t want to take a risk. 

All in strategy

For this strategy, you’ll be focusing on the 20x and 40x segments. This technique provides the least amount of coverage because they only appear three times on the wheel. However, if you get lucky and win, you will receive the biggest potential prize because they have the highest payouts among all segments.

For instance, 7x on the 40 pocket results in a 280x payment, whereas 7x on the 20 segment results in a 140x payout. If you’re up for the challenge and have a higher budget, this strategy is for you.  

Tips when playing Dream Catcher  

Check your bet sizes

Planning your bet sizes according to your budget is a great way to balance your fund and playing time. You’ll have full control over the size of your bet and how you want to use it. 

Don’t spend too much time trying to win

Being unsatisfied with your wins will urge you to continue playing to see if you’ll win the next round. Although the enthusiasm to win is considered a positive thing, getting ahead of yourself might cost you a lot of money. If you think today lady luck isn’t in your favour, you can always try again the next day!

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