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Everything you need to know about casino VIP memberships

Land-based and online casinos develop a lot of ways to keep their customers engaged. An example of this is their VIP memberships exclusive only to loyal high rollers. This is not your typical club where anyone can join whenever they want. As such, you need to meet a certain set of standards before you can receive a personalised invitation to become a casino VIP.

So, the question now is, how does one get an invite? This depends on the rules and regulations of each casino, but you need to know that it does not come cheap. On top of that, here are the qualifications for being considered as a potential VIP:

  • Regular attendance
  • High amounts of deposits
  • Accumulating loyalty points
  • Playing a lot of games

Perks of becoming a casino VIP

With this information, take note that becoming a VIP member in an instant is not possible. This process takes time, and you need to put in the effort for the casino to notice you. With all of its trouble, you might be wondering if it is worth it to become a VIP. Here is a list of perks to convince you: 

  1. Special bonuses

VIP members are rewarded with special bonuses for the generous amounts they spend while playing. These come in the form of higher payouts and cashback rewards. Aside from that, VIPs get more deposit offers apart from the usual welcome bonuses for first-time players. Additionally, they can use a percentage of their rewards as credits for different games.

  1. Access to exclusive games

Online casinos release new games at least once or twice a month. Before these get out to the public, VIP members receive early access to play them. As such, this gives them the chance to create strategies and notice patterns of winnings before anyone else. 

Besides that, land-based and online casinos have exclusive games that are only available to their VIP members. These have higher payouts and winning chances that are for the benefit of their esteemed customers.

  1. Higher limits of deposits

The loyalty and continuous patronage of high rollers are appreciated by every casino site. That is why these establishments reward their VIPs with higher limits of deposits. With these, they can deposit bigger amounts of money and play for as long as they want without having the hassle of leaving the playing table. 

Moreover, higher deposit limits are the reason why high rollers thrive. This is because they can wager big with their huge bankroll and win twice or thrice its amount.

  1. Personal manager

When you are a VIP member, you are entitled to have a personal manager. Whoever is assigned to you will cater to all your needs whatever they may be. Aside from that, your manager also serves as a consultant who can help you strategise for games. As such, this can increase your chances of winnings.

  1. Entry to special tournaments

Land-based and online casinos host tournaments that let skilled players compete with one another. During these events, the rewards and payouts are significantly higher than the usual games. Consequently, access is limited, but if you are a casino VIP, you will get entry invites to these tournaments. 

  1. Personalised gifts

Being a VIP is no easy task, and some are often discouraged to aim for it since they’ll need to shell out huge sums of money. That is why casinos would always provide personalised gifts that suit the needs of each VIP member—to make sure all their hard work is paid off and rewarded accordingly. 

In land-based casinos, for example, VIPs get the chance to stay at expensive hotels for free! On the other hand, online casinos often provide free spins, weekly bonuses and the like to their avid players.

Common misconceptions about casino VIP membership

Having all these perks would make your gaming experience ten times better, but some players have doubts about pursuing this route. This is because there are a lot of misconceptions about being a VIP, and these should be cleared right away. To name a few, here are the common worries of casino players:

Safety breaching

There is news of casinos being the usual target for robbery and theft. As a result, people become hesitant in spending high amounts of money, which prevents them from becoming a high roller. 

However, you won’t have to worry about this since in the case of land-based casinos, they have state of the art security systems that will prevent and handle these situations if ever they do occur. 

Meanwhile, online casinos are secured to protect their customers from fraud, phishing and scams. They use multiple security protocols such as two-factor authentication and KYC procedures to ensure that everyone has a worry-free experience.

Not all perks are true

Some people who have experiences with VIP memberships in casinos have reported that not all of the perks and services are true. This, in turn, discourages most of the players from working hard to become a VIP. 

Despite this fact, it all boils down to the integrity and status of casinos. That is why it is important to fact-check their backgrounds first before diving into the deep sea of expenditure and risks. 

Casino VIP memberships are a scam

In connection with the second point, some people would say that casinos use attractive but empty perks to lure players into becoming high rollers. However, this is not true because it is unwise for casinos to loosely promote their membership without a follow-through. If they do this scam, it will only hurt their brand and integrity, which will make them lose customers. 

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At the end of the day, choosing the right casino is important especially when you’re aiming for a VIP membership since you want to be sure you’re betting your hard-earned money at the right place. For that matter, you should check out Casino Days and our generous promotions and offers! 

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