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Increase your knowledge in playing with these casino glossary terms

One of the best techniques to get better at casino games, whether online or in-person and increase your chances of winning is acquainting yourself with the jargon used by the dealers and other players on the gaming table. Learn the various terms used during casino gameplay and win massive jackpots! To get started, familiarise yourself with the terms right here in Casino Days India! 

Essential casino terms you should know

Action – The term “action” is used to describe the thrill of playing a casino game. You can find excitement by playing games such as blackjack and roulette, or you can try your luck at the slots.  

Ante – The ante is the initial wager placed by players before the dealer hands the cards. 

Balance –  The betting balance refers to the amount of money in a player’s account that can be used to place bets and is derived from either cash deposits or bonus balances.

Bet – The amount of money that the house will pay back to the player when the player wins a game that the player has placed a wager on.

Bonus – When a player joins a casino or participates in a promotion, these are the rewards from the casino and can vary from  cash, bonus game rounds, or free spins.

Break the deck – In blackjack, the term “break the deck” refers to a reshuffle of the cards. At any time, dealers have the option to do this,  but they’ll do so more frequently if they suspect a card counter is present at their table.

Buy-in – To play, you will first need to exchange cash for casino tokens, or chips, at the beginning of your session. The buy-in is the sum of all the money you put down. The buy-in is the entry fee for poker tournaments.

Cage – The cage serves as the financial centre of a casino. The vast majority of large-scale financial transactions occur in this highly regulated area. Additionally, players can also “cash-out” at the cage cashier, which will allow them to exchange their chips for cash.

Chips – To gamble in a casino, a player needs chips. For casino table games like blackjack and roulette, you’ll need chips in a variety of colours and denominations. 

Cashback – When a player loses money in an online casino, the casino will give him or her a percentage of the money back.

Card sharp – Card sharps are experts in card games. However, you don’t want to play with a card sharp in poker because he will take most of your money.

Card washing – Spreading the cards face down and mixing them up before shuffling is known as card washing. This casino slang that is rarely used today, as most tables in modern casinos use automatic shuffling machines to save time.

Chips – To gamble in a casino, a player needs chips. For casino table games like blackjack and roulette, you’ll need chips in a variety of colours and denominations. 

Cold/hot – “Running cold” refers to a player who has been experiencing a string of bad luck recently. The term “hot” refers to a game where the player is on a hot winning streak. 

Comps – Compliments, or “freebies,” are items the casino gives to its players. In some cases, this can include everything from complimentary drinks to private jet transportation and butler service for the customer’s entire stay while playing.

Croupier – A croupier operator mans table games like Roulette, Baccarat, and Blackjack at casinos.

Deposit – Amounts transferred to a player’s account that can be used to place wagers.

Double or nothing – If you win, you get to keep your winnings, but if you lose, you get nothing. This is known as a “double or nothing” wager. Red or black bets in roulette are an example of this.

Dolly – A marker that a roulette dealer places on a winning number on a betting table in order to remove all of the losing bets

European Wheel – Is a type of Roulette wheel with 37 slots, each of which has an alternate combination of red and black numbers and only one zero in the green slot. Because there is only one green slot instead of two in European roulette, you have a better chance of winning than you do in American roulette, which has two green slots.

Grind player – Is a gambler who bets in small amounts and takes their time when betting. 

Face cards – Face cards, also known as “picture cards”, are the jacks, queens, and kings of a deck of cards. 

High roller – A high roller is a player who has a large bankroll and is willing to risk more in exchange for a much larger reward. 

House edge – A casino’s house advantage is the mathematical advantage in its game. Casinos are able to maintain a certain level of profitability by manipulating game rules and payouts. 

Jackpot – The most significant prize that a player can win in casino games such as online slots and video games is the jackpot.

Juice – Juice, also known as vig, is the percentage of winnings that the casino retains on games like baccarat, craps, and sports betting.

Payline – The winning line of symbols on the slot reels can be straight, vertical, horizontal, zigzag, or crossed.

Payout table – A table that shows the relevant payoff for every bet and winning combination.

Random number generator – Computer software that generates millions of random numbers per second is a Random Number Generator (RNG). On the slot machine’s reels, these numbers appear as symbols that decide which winning paylines are activated.

Reels – In slot games, the reels are the rows of symbols that appear on the screen and may form winning combinations when they fall on adjacent positions.

The pencil – The pencil schedules dealers and other personnel. They are also employees who can write comps for customers.

Toke – A tip is referred to as a toke in various contexts. Most players sometimes tip the dealer after a successful blackjack session or winning a large poker tournament.

With your newfound knowledge of casino slang, it’s time to put your newfound knowledge to use by playing various games and video slots at Casino Days India!

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