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How to Increase and Earn Bitcoins: A helpful guide for beginners

The dawn of cryptocurrency started when Satoshi Nakamoto unveiled Bitcoin to the whole world. This is the most popular digital currency to date. With its growing market value, everyone seems to want to have their Bitcoins to have a chance to invest and increase their finances. But how does one get Bitcoin in the first place? If you want to get your hands on some Bitcoin. Find out how you can get one here at Casino Days India.

A brief background about Bitcoin

In 2009, a person or entity under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto released a white paper about all the ideas regarding Bitcoin, the world’s first-ever cryptocurrency. It uses a public ledger known as blockchain technology, which shows all the transactions that happened in the network. As a result, Bitcoin is a decentralised digital currency where no signal entity has sole access to it. Its ticker symbol is BTC, which a lot of people use when referring to it. 

Through the years, Bitcoin became the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalisation and has a current price of $40,490! This is one of the reasons why it is popular and motivates people to secure a BTC of their own. With that said, here are some of the ways you can get Bitcoin:

Buying Bitcoin

A lot of people think that it is quite difficult to get BTC at first. But in reality, it is easy to get your hands on this crypto and there are different ways you can do so. The most convenient way to do so is through crypto exchange platforms, peer-to-peer directories and Bitcoin ATMs. Know more about each one of them below: 

  1. Crypto exchange platforms

Crypto exchange platforms are the avenue for people to buy and sell any kind of cryptocurrency. The best part is that you can use fiat currencies to make the trading possible or use your existing crypto to exchange for another one! 

There are a lot of trusted and verified crypto exchanges you can try such as Coinbase, Binance and Gemini. All you have to do is to create an account with any of them and begin trading for the digital coin or token you want to have.

  1. Peer-to-peer directories

If you want a more direct transaction, you can try peer-to-peer directories. Through this platform, you will find people who are open to trading Bitcoins for cash. An example of a P2P directory is LocalBitcoins, which is a website that shows you the nearest person you can trade with. You can also trade with people around the globe if you want to widen your choices. 

  1. Bitcoin ATM

Another way to exchange money for BTC is through a Bitcoin ATM. It works the same way as a fiat currency ATM, but you use your crypto wallet information instead of the traditional card.

While it promises convenience, there is only a limited number of Bitcoin ATMs worldwide. One way to find out if there is an ATM near you is to use Coin ATM Radar. This website shows you a map of the world and pins the locations that have a Bitcoin ATM. You can simply type your coordinates on the search bar and it will show you if there is one near you.

Ways to earn Bitcoin 

  1. Mining

Mining is the number one way to earn Bitcoin since you are helping and contributing to its blockchain. Moreover, this is the act of creating a new BTC by solving complex mathematical puzzles that will implore you to get a mining rig. Upon successfully solving the problem, you will receive BTC as a reward for your efforts and a new block will be added to the network.

  1. Playing mobile or online games

Nowadays, the most popular category in the app store is play-to-earn (P2E) games. These games let you do daily in-game activities where you receive crypto as a reward for doing so. Here, you can get coins, tokens or non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and these can also be traded for the cryptocurrency you want.

  1. Write crypto articles to earn Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency is still a topic that is hard to delve into due to its technical nature, which makes it hard for a lot of people to enter. That is why publication sites such as Publish 0x employ writers, who are knowledgeable about the topic, to write blogs and other informational readings for people to read. In return, all writers will receive Bitcoin or other cryptos for their efforts.

  1. Investment brokerage firms

A lot of people see cryptocurrency as stocks because there is a limited number of coins and tokens. As such, their values will increase, which will make it worth the investment. That is why it is common to invest in crypto by buying multiple digital currencies and holding them for a long time. When the time is right, crypto owners will begin to sell their coins and tokens to get the money’s worth.

  1. Microearnings

If you want to earn a quick buck, you should try to have some microearnings by answering surveys and completing necessary tasks from multiple websites. This will give you a small amount of Bitcoin, but it will gradually get big as you continue along the way. Try visiting legitimate PTC websites such as adBTC, Coinpayu, Coinadder and BTC4ADS.

  1. Taking jobs that pay in Bitcoin

You can also start earning Bitcoin by choosing jobs that can pay you with cryptocurrency! This is ideal for freelancers because they can easily ask for Bitcoin as one of their payment methods. Whatever skills you have, you can put them to use and earn BTC from the following websites:

  • r/Jobs4Bitcoin
  • Bitwage
  • Angel’s List
  • Earn.com
  • CryptoGrind
  • CryptoJobs.

Always be vigilant when earning or buying Bitcoin

Whether you buy or earn Bitcoin, never forget to be vigilant online since there are a lot of scams that can harm you. Make sure all your transactions are verified and safe to avoid getting hacked and losing your funds.

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