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What is the difference between loyalty and VIP bonuses?

Online casinos offer all sorts of bonuses now and then for an exciting and rewarding experience. And to make it even better, they partner these with loyalty programs that periodically shower you with generous prizes so you never run out of surprises to look forward to! 

But what exactly is the difference between loyalty club rewards and VIP club bonuses? Find out the answers to these questions when you learn more about them here in Casino Days India!

What are casino bonuses and how do they work? 

Casino bonuses are promotional features offered by online platforms like Casino Days to its players. Consider them like rewards that players can avail of and use for their gaming experience. They come in different forms, with some being offered only upon registration while others are offered throughout the year. 

These bonuses can offer limited time promotions you can use while playing slots or live dealers. Some of them can give you an additional betting balance for your gaming wallet while others provide free games for slots or skill games. 

Loyalty club bonuses and VIP club bonuses are just some of the things that you can expect when you place your bets on a platform like Casino Days India. Get to know each one and how they differ from each other in the coming sections. 

Getting to know loyalty club bonuses

Most casinos have a loyalty program that members automatically become a member of when they sign up. Within the program are levels or ranks you can reach in exchange for generous rewards. To climb through the ranks, you need to gain points by playing on the platform.

You can consider it a reward for being a loyal client of the site and use it to further your chances of winning big rewards! 

Some people say that laying down additional funds to advance through the loyalty club can be a waste of money. However, that is simply not the case. It’s an opportunity for long-time players to make use of when they place their bets once again.  

Understanding VIP club bonuses

VIP bonuses, on the other hand, can only be claimed by VIP players invited exclusively by the casino. Unlike the loyalty club that’s accessible to all, the VIP club is only for high-rollers who have caught the casino’s eye for their high bets and continuous playing.

A VIP bonus can offer things like additional balance for your gaming wallet, free games and even access to limited promotions or events on the platform! You get a personal account manager who will attend to all your concerns and inquiries. 

Expect a one-of-a-kind personalised gaming experience when you become a VIP member. Your money will be worth it and every bet you make on the games will bring you one step closer to winning jackpots and other rewards. 

Compared to loyalty bonuses, VIP bonuses usually have a lot more to offer. Aside from casino bonuses, you can also receive luxurious trips abroad and first-class tickets to tournaments.

Verdict: VIP vs Loyalty club

Undoubtedly, being a VIP is a position many players vie for since it has better perks than the loyalty club and the difference between them is stark. However, it is less accessible to common players. Slots are limited and the requirements are too steep so most players become content with the rewards they get from loyalty bonuses.

Fortunately, both still give generous rewards you’d want to get! So choosing either won’t be a loss to you.

Why should you aim for loyalty and VIP bonuses?

While it’s true that both loyalty and VIP bonuses have their different traits and offerings, you can always avail of both and experience their benefits! To learn more about this, take a look at some of the reasons why you should avail of a loyalty and VIP bonus: 

Gives you an edge against other players 

One of the first and most important reasons why you should consider availing of loyalty bonuses is because they give you an extra advantage compared to other players. Those who do not avail of loyalty and VIP bonuses can still access the games on the platform but they will not have the chance to win free games or extra betting balances.

So, if you want to have an edge against other players and get the most out of what the platform offers, be sure to check out the loyalty and VIP bonuses of a platform like Casino Days India.

Lets you experience the VIP treatment

If you are the kind of person who likes the idea of being given a bit of special treatment, then strive to become a VIP member and experience a personalised gaming experience unlike any other. Not only will you have the bragging rights to say that you are officially part of a VIP club, but you’ll also have access to promotions that not all players have! 

Allows you to maximise your bets and overall chances of winning rewards

When you avail of online promotions like loyalty and VIP bonuses, you’re making the most of what you have and use them to play slots, live dealers, skill games and so much more. You can then increase your chances of winning big without spending a lot!

Get your fill of the best casino bonuses here at Casino Days India! 

Loyalty and VIP bonuses each have their own distinct characteristics that cater to a range of players. However, you can have a chance to experience both and see what they have to offer! The opportunity is one worth taking and it just might help you bring home massive wins. 

The loyalty club and VIP club of Casino Days India are waiting for you! Make your account and start placing your bets to get your fix of amazing games like slots, live dealers, skill games and so much more. 

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