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What’s the difference between VIP and Loyalty rewards?

If you are an avid player in online casinos, you’ve probably encountered the terms VIP clubs and Loyalty programs. These two are some of the awesome ways casinos reward their loyal and high roller users. 

In most cases, the two are often confused with each other since both offers exclusive rewards and prizes for lucky players who would be invited to the club or rewarded by the program.  

To see which of the two amazing programs works best for you, find out the clear distinction between VIP and Loyalty rewards through the information provided below. Find out which program is worth your commitment, time and wagers right here at Casino Days India! 

Defining your rewards: What is a VIP and loyalty program? 

Casinos use both VIP and loyalty programs to show their appreciation to players who remain loyal to using their platforms. To understand the difference between loyalty and VIP programs, here is the definition of the two: 

Loyalty program defined

Loyalty programs can differ per casino. In general, it is a set of rewards and exclusive deals that are offered to the casino’s most-frequent customers. Casinos created this program to encourage their players to remain loyal to them by promising sweet rewards such as rewards, bonuses, Free Spins, coupons and free merchandise down the line.  

To become part of a casino loyalty program, you must first satisfy the level of requirements stated by the casino. If there are levels of loyalty in the program, the extent of rewards would also differ from each other. 

The requirements also intensify the more you level up, so the higher your level of patronage to the casino, the higher your rewards would be. 

VIP program defined

The VIP program can be a bit tricky. In some casinos, it is merged with the loyalty program scheme as the final milestone of your journey with the casino. However, as a separate reward system, the VIP program can be defined as something more ‘exclusive’ than the loyalty program. 

Unlike loyalty programs, not everyone can join the ranks of the VIP since it doesn’t just require the players to continuously deposit and play on the site. There are certain amounts of wagers that you have to make before you can be considered a VIP. 

VIP programs are reserved for a select group of players that plays high roller in the casino. This means that only a small circle would be qualified for the club and the level of rewards far surpasses those of the loyalty program. After all, this is for the most important players on the platform.

What sets VIP and Loyalty programs apart? 

Now that you have a clear idea of what both programs mean, it is time to see what makes them different from each other. Explore all the concepts that set VIP apart from loyalty programs below: 

Who gets to get in 

For starters, let’s talk about who can be invited to loyalty programs and who can be considered to be part of the VIP club. 

The loyalty program is open to all players. The moment you register in a casino, you already have a chance to level up your loyalty ranking by playing and wagering on your favourite games. As you progress in your experience and continue your patronage, you can reach different milestones in the loyalty program and receive all kinds of rewards as you level up.  

Meanwhile, this is not the same case with VIP programs. The title of VIP is offered to a select few—the best of the best in the casino, those who offer the highest wagers and tempt luck with high roller games. You have to wager your highest bet until the casino sends you an exclusive invite to the VIP club.     

Some casinos offer players a chance to become instant VIPs through competitions, but the point still stands—VIP programs are reserved for the casino’s best players. To summarise, those who can be part of the loyalty program have to be patrons of the casino and those who wish to be part of the VIP have to be high roller players.  


Taking advantage of loyalty programs is a rewarding way to level up your experience with the casino. As you come across different milestones in your loyalty level, you will get rewards such as Free Spins, free chips, game bonuses, milestone rewards, cash rebates and more. Every reward you get in a loyalty program depends on the consistency and size of your deposit. The greater your investment in the casino, the better your rewards would be. 

In VIP programs, the rewards are presented as more luxurious and bodacious. You’ll get the same things you desire in a loyalty program and more. Aside from the Free Spins, free chips, game bonuses and cash rebates, you will also receive exclusive invites to different casino events all over the world. What makes it even better is that you don’t have to spend a cent on these trips. 

To add more distinction to how extravagant VIP rewards can be, you’d be treated with your own VIP account manager to help you personalise your experience in the casino. The rewards don’t end there, you would also be the first to access exclusive games and receive free merchandise that is not available to the general public. It’s an experience like no other!

Tier systems 

Another thing that sets the VIP and loyalty programs apart is the tier systems. Loyalty programs often have different levels that you can reach as you continue your patronage of the casino. Each of these levels comes with perks and rewards that can enhance your gameplay. 

Tiers do not exist on VIP programs simply because the distinction between VIPs and other players is already clear. The moment you become a VIP, you are entitled to all the benefits that come with it. 

Which program should you choose? 

There is no right answer to this question. You simply select the rewards system that works for you since both offer exciting rewards. 

If you do not want to be a high roller, the logical choice is to strive to achieve all levels in the loyalty program. However, if you are one of the players who play high stakes, the VIP program would do well in giving you the rewards that you deserve. 

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