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Know all about the 8 major roulette variations

When you think about casino games, the five most famous ones, namely blackjack, slots, poker, baccarat and roulette always come to mind. Each of these casino staples comes with its own variations both in physical and online casinos.

In roulette’s case, it traditionally has European and American as its main variations, but did you know that there are other available variations you can try? So to get you started on these major variations, Casino Days has whipped up a list of roulette types from traditional to the latest one!

  1. European roulette

European roulette is one of the most common and most famous variations of roulette because its wheel has a single zero resulting in a house edge of 2.7 percent which is half of what’s in American roulette.  

So if you’re just starting, European roulette is a great place to begin since it’s beginner-friendly with a lower house edge. Some great European roulette games you can try include Roulette by Evolution and Roulette by Pragmatic Play.

  1. American Roulette

American roulette is often compared to European roulette because of its close similarity. After all, only two things set them apart: the extra double zero (00) slot and house edge of 5.26 percent in American roulette. This means that you have fewer chances of winning in this variation and it pays out less on average compared to other roulette types with a lower house edge. If you’re willing to test out your luck, try American Roulette by Evolution and Real Roulette with Bailey by Microgaming.

  1. French Roulette

French roulette is quite similar to European roulette. It has the same payouts, betting options and a single zero slot. However, French roulette’s betting board is laid out a bit differently and it has one notable rule called ‘La Partage’. This means that if the ball lands on zero by accident, the player receives half of their initial stake instead of losing it all. 

Though this doesn’t equate to winning, it’s still a great consolation and a better outcome than losing your whole bet. So if this variation of roulette piques your interest, you can try French Roulette Gold by Evolution.

  1. Double Ball Roulette

Double ball roulette first started as a European wheel then later changed when casinos added an extra ball to spice up the game even more. This addition made the game more exciting than any other standard version, especially since it meant there’d be two winning numbers every round. 

In terms of gameplay and payout, double ball roulette is exactly like the European variation, just with an extra ball. This variation isn’t usually found at every physical casino so it’s best to check it out online. If you’re up for a more exciting game of roulette, give Double Ball Roulette by Evolution a try!

  1. Multi-wheel Roulette

If you thought double ball roulette was exciting, wait until you learn all about multi-wheel roulette. This variation offers up six to eight wheels for you to bet on all at once. It’s also worth noting that you’re placing the same wager on all active wheels rather than making six or eight bets for each wheel so you get just as many chances of winning a straight bet. 

Its many wheels makes this game more difficult to predict so if you’re someone who likes to strategise, this may not be the variation for you. But if you’re up for six times the thrill, this game’s intensity is worth trying out. 

Multi-wheel roulette is quite popular in online casinos such as Casino Days and many more. So if you’re looking to try this out, you can give Multifire Auto Roulette by Microgaming a spin!

  1. Mini Roulette

Mini roulette is a simplified variation of roulette that uses only thirteen numbers on the wheel: 6 red, 6 blacks and one 0. Aside from the differences in size and number of slots, this roulette variant has one major feature in common with French roulette: the ‘La Partage’ rule where you get half of your wager when the ball lands on zero. 

With fewer bet options come higher chances of winning. So to level the field, the rewards in mini roulette have been reduced. In some games, a straight bet pays 11:1 instead of the usual 35:1 which can still be a great option if you’re looking to have fun instead of scoring big wins. 

If you want to try this game out, try Dimond Roulette by Ezugi or Lightning Roulette by Evolution.

  1. Live Roulette

Started by online casinos, live roulette is a game you play online with a real-life croupier facilitating the game using a real wheel through live streaming. This allows you to see exactly how the game plays out in the comfort of your own home. 

Start putting your bets before the game begins by clicking on the roulette table on your screen during the permitted betting time, which occurs before the wheel starts spinning. 

If you find this variation of roulette interesting, give it a go! Open OneTouch’s Live Roulette Lobby and pick any of their several options or try Salon Prive Roulette 2 by Evolution for high minimum bets and higher possible wins.

  1. Rapid Roulette

Last but not least comes Rapid Roulette, a cross between live roulette and traditional roulette. It comes in video format and to play, all you need to do is place a bet on a monitor and wait for the result to show on the screen. Payouts are automated and handed automatically so you won’t have to interact with anyone while playing. You can try this roulette variation if you want something a little less typical and not too complex.

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