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How to play Evolution’s Mega Ball online

Evolution is known for constantly innovating and trying new concepts for its games since the company’s inception in 2006. One of their latest additions to Evolution’s library is the unique game of Mega Ball that combines the characteristics of lottery and bingo. This game has an amazing winning potential of up to 1,000,000x your bet. Check out more details about this game and how it is played when you continue reading below. 

What is Mega Ball?

Mega Ball is a unique and entertaining game where you buy a packet of cards and collect lines. Random balls will be drawn from a machine that contains a total of 51 balls. All you need to do is complete a winning line on your card. The more lines you get, the higher amount you can win!

The RTP of Mega Ball starts at 95.40% based on 1 card and will go up to 94.61% as you get more cards. You can win the top prize once you have completed 6 or more lines with 100x multiplier. The amount of the top prize depends on the number of cards you bought.

This game is streamed live from Evolution Gaming’s studio in Riga, Latvia where a stable and high-quality stream is guaranteed for its players. A live dealer will keep the game entertaining by engaging with the players via live chat and making commentary on the game results.

How to play Mega Ball online

Megal Ball has straightforward and quick gameplay that can last for as fast as 5 minutes per round. Take a look at how you can play this game below:

  1. Sign up to Casino Days India and click on Mega Ball which can be seen under the Lottery section. You will then be redirected to the live studio of Evolution where the Mega Ball is played.
  2. Buy a packet of cards to play by clicking on the golden cards at the bottom of your screen. You can play up to 200 cards per round. Each card has a 5×5 cell with 24 numbers and an empty middle spot.
  3. Select the value of your packets by zooming in on the cards. You can bet a minimum of Rs 10 up to a maximum of Rs 10,000. Take note that there is a betting time so you have to place your bets within the given period.
  4. After the betting time is over, 20 out of 51 balls will be drawn from the drawing machine. Once the number of the drawn ball matches one of the numbers on your card, a badge will automatically be placed on that specific number. 
  5. As the balls are drawn, your card will be updated and sorted until a line of numbers is completed. Expected ball numbers to complete a winning line on your card will be highlighted in gold. 
  6. You win once you have completed a line.


Take a look at the possible payouts depending on the number of lines you have completed by checking the table below:

Number of LinesPayout
1 line1 to 99: 1 or 1x your bet
2 lines4 to 499: 1 or 5x your bet
3 lines49 to 4,999:1 or 50x your bet
4 lines249 to 24,999: 1 or 250x your bet
5 lines999 to 99,999:1 or 1,000x your bet
6+ lines9,999 to 999,999: 1 or 10,000x your bet

Features of Mega Ball online

Mega Ball has a Multiplier, Bonus Round, Autoplay and Chat feature. Take a look at how they function by reading below:

Multiplier and Bonus Round

After the base game where 20 balls are drawn, the Mega Ball Bonus Round will start. Take a look at how this will play out by reading below:

  1. The Mega Ball Bonus Round will start after all 20 balls are drawn during the base game. At the start of the Bonus Round, a multiplier ranging from 5x to 100x is randomly generated.
  2. A ball is drawn from the drawing machine to determine the number of the Mega Ball.
  3. If the Mega Ball completes a line in your card, your win will be multiplied by the Mega Ball Multiplier. Otherwise, the Mega Ball number will act as a regular ball and your next payout will not be multiplied.
  4. Your potential payout will only be multiplied by the highest multiplier if more than 1 Mega Ball appears on the winning lines of your card.


You can chat live with other players and the host by entering your message in the chatbox located on the left side of the screen. Take note that those who misuse the chat feature by abusing the game host or other players and by using inappropriate language will have their chat privileges revoked.

Best strategies when playing Mega Ball online

The strategies for playing and winning in Mega Ball are purely theoretical since the game can’t be influenced by anyone. This means that the chosen numbers or orders laid out on the card have no human intervention at all. Since the cards and numbers are auto-generated like other casino games, you most likely have to rely on luck. 

Fortunately, there are various steps you can take to have a rewarding gaming experience. Take a look at them below:

Watch the game before playing

Mega Ball is a live game so there is a betting limit for every round which can pressure you if you’re a new player. Thus, you should try watching a round first so you can have a better idea of how it will play out. You can also interact with the dealers while the round is currently being played if you have any questions about the game.

Set your bankroll and bet smartly

Make sure to bet within your budget to ensure that your bankroll will not empty quickly. Always wager the money that you can afford to lose. To make it easier, place bets that cost less than 10% of your balance.

Play Mega Ball online now!

If you’re up for a quick and entertaining game, try playing Evolution’s Live Mega Ball here at Casino Days India! Sign up for an account now for a chance to win up to 1,000,000x your bet.

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