Teen Patti

To begin a traditional round of teen patti, you need to have a few people to play with. At least 3 people should be part of the game to build a pot worth winning. Although this is still how Teen Patti is played, but now, with the use of modern technology, you don’t have to find at least two peers before you can play this Indian 3-card poker. 

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What is Teen Patti

Also known as ‘flash’ or ‘flush’, teen patti is a type of 3-card poker popular in India and nearby South Asian countries. Instead of being given 2 cards, each player will have 3 cards for a hand. Another significant difference between Teen Patti from poker is that in Teen Patti, there are no community cards. Additionally, players have the option to see their cards or leave them facing down.

Playing Teen Patti the traditional way

To begin a game of Teen Patti, players need to decide on a minimum bet first. The dealer is chosen at random before they can deal three cards for every player starting from the left. 

Once the players have their cards, they can choose to take a peek at their hand and play ‘Seen,’ or leave their cards facing down and play ‘Blind’. Blind players can change their minds anytime and look at their cards during the game.

The betting round begins after the cards are dealt. The bet depends on what type of player you are. Blind players play at the agreed-upon bet, while seen players need to stake twice the amount of the minimum bet because of their advantage. 

If you’re a Blind player, you will place your bet, and the person next to you decides for themselves. Seen players can either place double the bet or fold. If all except one player folds, the remaining player automatically wins. The game can continue even with two remaining players.

After the bets and players are settled, the hands of the remaining players are then revealed and compared. Whoever has the higher hand wins. If both players have the same hand, the Blind player wins.

Hand rankings

Just like in poker, hands in Teen Patti are ranked according to their strength and combination. However, since there are only three cards per hand in Teen Patti, the hands and their ranking vary from poker.

There are seven hand rankings in Teen Patti, with the high card being the weakest and the royal flush being the strongest. In terms of card values, aces have the highest value while twos have the lowest. 

Check below to learn about Teen Patti hand rankings in detail from the strongest hand to the weakest:

  1. Trail or Trio – The strongest and highest-ranking hand; consists of three cards of the same rank
  2. Pure sequence or straight flush – Composed of three consecutive cards of the same suit
  3. Sequence or straight – Consists of three consecutive cards of the same suit
  4. Colour or flush – Includes three cards of the same suit that are not in sequence
  5. Pair – Composed of two cards of the same rank and another card
  6. High Card – The weakest hand and lowest-ranking hand; consists of three cards of the same rank

How to play Teen Patti online

Playing Teen Patti online is different from the traditional way of playing Indian 3-card poker. Online Teen Patti’s gameplay resembles baccarat’s. Just like in baccarat, you choose which between the player or the dealer will have the stronger hand, except in Teen Patti. But the difference is that in Teen Patti, you’ll see the player’s hand while the dealer’s hand is turned upside down. 

Compared to the traditional way of playing, there are no blind or seen players in online Teen Patti. You can’t place a bet or fold after seeing the cards. On the other hand, in a game of live dealer Teen Patti, you need to place your bet first before you can begin playing. The gameplay of online Teen Patti varies per game developer. In Casino Days India, respectable gaming provider Ezugi provides three variations of the game for our players namely, Teen Patti, Teen Patti & Poker and Bet on Teen Patti.

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Playing Ezugi’s Teen Patti

In the basic Teen Patti game by Ezugi, the player plays against the dealer. The objective is to get a better hand than the dealer’s hand. Jokers are excluded in the single 52-card deck used in the game, which is shuffled after each game.

To participate in the game, you need to place an initial bet or ‘Ante’ within the betting period. If you don’t place a bet within the window, the round will proceed without you in it, but you can watch instead. You cannot join a game in progress, and you need to wait for it to conclude before you can join the next round.

Place a bet by selecting a chip value from the available chips flashed on the screen. The chip values are as follows:

  • 0.10 
  • 0.50
  • 1
  • 2
  • 5
  • 10
  • 50

After playing the first round, you can choose to play again with the same bet as the previous round by clicking the Rebet button. If you want to increase your bet, you can click the Double button, which will place twice the amount of your original bet.

Side bets

Aside from the main bet, you can also add excitement to the game when you place a wager on any of the game’s side bets, namely, ‘Pair or Better’ or ‘3+3 Bonus’. 

The ‘Pair or Better’ side bet pays when you receive cards that form a pair or better hand. In the ‘3+3 Bonus’ side bet, the dealer’s three cards and the player’s three cards are combined to create the best possible poker hand. The side bet pays when a Three of a kind hand or better is formed from the combined six cards.

You can bet on both options after placing an initial bet. In case you decide to fold, your side bet will still be active which gives you a chance to partially win.

Hand rankings

The hand rankings in Ezugi’s Teen Patti differs from that of the game’s original rankings. In the online version, the card rankings are more similar to poker hands than those of Indian teen patti. 

However, there are a lot of similarities between the two versions, so in case this is your first time playing online teen patti and you’re used to the traditional way, you won’t find it hard to adjust.

The winning hand rankings for Teen Patti from strongest to weakest are as follows:

  1. Royal Flush – Made up of a suited Ace, King and Queen
  2. Straight Flush – Contains three cards in sequence from the same suit
  3. Three of a kind – Composed of three cards of the same rank
  4. Straight – Made up of three cards of sequential rank in at least two different suits; two straights are ranked by comparing the highest card of each hand
  5. Flush – Contains three cards of the same suit but not in sequential order
  6. Pair – Composed of two cards of the same rank and another from a different rank; if two hands have the same pair then the odd cards are compared to determine the stronger hand
  7. High Card – Made up of any three cards that do not fit into any of the following requirements

In terms of individual card values, the ace is the highest followed by the face cards (King, Queen then Jack) and then the numbered cards from 10 to 2.

Game proper

Once the betting period ends, the dealer gives out the cards for the player’s and the banker’s hands. Both sides will be given three cards. The player’s cards will be shown on the screen while the dealer’s cards will be facing downwards. 

After the cards are dealt, you need to decide whether to proceed with your hand or to forfeit the round. 

If you feel confident with your hand, you can click ‘Play’ to place a Play bet worth twice the amount of your ante bet. You can also choose to ‘Fold’ and forfeit your hand if you find it weak. In case you choose to ‘Fold’, the round will end and you will lose your ante.

If you fail to decide during the second betting window, your hand will be automatically folded and you will lose your ante bet.

Once the second round of betting is done, your cards are evaluated first before the dealer’s cards are revealed. 

How the winner and loser are determined

If your initial three cards form a Straight Flush, Three of a kind or Straight, you win the Ante Bonus even if the dealer ends up winning the round. At this point, the dealer’s hand must have at least one Queen or better to qualify. 

If the dealer’s hand qualifies but is lower than yours, you win with the ante bet paying 1:1 and the Play bet also paying 1:1.

If the dealer’s hand qualifies and is higher than yours, you lose both your ante and Play bets. In case of a draw where you and the dealer have the same hand, you will get back both your ante and call bet. If the dealer’s hand does not have a Queen and does not qualify, you will receive back your Play bet and win the ante bet which pays 1:1.

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Playing Ezugi’s Bet on Teen Patti

Compared to the classic Teen Patti game by Ezugi, the Bet on variety lets you place your bet between two players rather than against the dealer. The objective is to bet on who will have a better hand between Player A and Player B. Its gameplay is similar to baccarat.

To start playing, you need to choose a chip first.

Place a bet by selecting a chip value from the available chips flashed on the screen. The chip values are as follows:

  • 0.10 
  • 0.50
  • 1
  • 2
  • 5
  • 10
  • 50

Once you’ve chosen your chips, choose between Player A and Player B to place your bets within the betting window. Click on which side you’re placing your bet on. Afterward, the dealer will deal the cards for both sides. The side with the higher hand wins. In the event of a tie, bets on Player A and Player B will be returned.

Side bets

Just like in the classic Teen Patti game, you can also place your money on side bets in Bet on Teen Patti for better chances of winning. There are two side bets in this version namely, ‘Pair Plus’ and ‘3+3 Bonus’.

The ‘Pair Plus’ side bet pays when the player you placed this side bet on receives a pair or better hand. 

In the ‘3+3 Bonus’ side bet, the dealer’s three cards and the player’s three cards are combined to form the best possible poker hand. The side bet pays when a Three-of-a-kind hand or better is created from the combined six cards.

You can bet on both options after placing an initial bet. Even if your main bet loses, you can still win your side bet since it’s independent of it.

Play Teen Patti online at Casino Days India!

Teen Patti is one of the most enjoyable card games out there. Though it’s not as well known as baccarat or blackjack, it’s still enjoyed by many people who love playing online. Spice up your game and play Teen Patti online today!

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