Lightning Roulette at Casino Days

Casino Days Lightning Roulette is a unique take on the classic roulette game, offering a blend of live-action, RNG (Random Number Generator) gameplay, and the potential for increased payouts through the Lucky Numbers feature. The game is set in a stunning black and gold Art Deco environment with an electrifying user interface where lightning strikes can lead to massive wins, even up to ₹87,500,000 in a single bet!

What Is Lightning Roulette?

Lightning Roulette is an innovative online Casino Days live casino game by Evolution that combines traditional European Roulette with RNG gameplay and advanced betting options. Being a live dealer roulette game, it includes all the standard bets you’d find in European Roulette but with added features like “Lucky Numbers” and “Lucky Payouts” for extra chances to win.

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Game Name: Lightning Roulette

Provider: Evolution

Minimum bet: ₹20

Maximum bet: ₹175,000

Maximum Win: 500x

RTP: 97.30%

Live Lightning Roulette Rules

The Casino Days Lightning Roulette wheel contains numbers 1 to 36 plus a single zero (similar to European roulette). However, what separates Lightning Roulette Live from other Casino Days online casino games is that, before each spin, 1 to 5 lucky lightning numbers appear on the screen. These numbers are chosen randomly using Random Number Generators (RNG) and come with multipliers. If the ball lands on a lightning number you bet on, your payout is multiplied anywhere between 50x and 500x

Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts

If the roulette ball lands on one of these Lucky Numbers and a player has placed a Straight Up Bet on that number, they will receive the corresponding multiplied payout. For example, let’s say you place a Straight Up Bet on the number 17. The RNG selects numbers 3, 17, 20, 29, and 34 as Lucky Numbers for the round, and number 17 gets a multiplier of 300x. The ball lands on 17, which means your Straight Up Bet wins. Instead of the standard 29:1 payout, you receive a 300:1 payout because 17 was a Lucky Number.

Anybody playing Lightning Roulette at Casino Days can place their usual range of roulette bets, but it’s important to note that only Straight Bets are eligible for multipliers. Non-multiplied Straight-up Bets pay 29:1, while other bets like splits, streets, corners, and outside bets pay the same as standard roulette regardless of whether they include a “Lucky Number” or not. 

Lightning Roulette Minimum and Maximum Bets

In Casino Days Lightning Roulette, the minimum bet is set at ₹20, and the maximum can climb up to ₹175,000 per round. This means that with a mere ₹20 bet, you can win up to ₹10,000 if you’re fortunate enough to land a Lucky Number with a 500x multiplier. While a large ₹175,000 wager could see monumental returns of up to ₹87,500,000! Such a wide betting range allows both casual players and high rollers to enjoy this online casino game. 

How to Play Lightning Roulette at Casino Days

Get ready to place your bets and watch as lightning strikes to multiply your winnings! Here’s how to get started playing Lightning Roulette at Casino Days:

Casino Days Lightning Roulette sign up

1. Sign Up – Create an account through the Casino Days app or desktop site and deposit real money using one of the casino’s secure payment methods. 

2. Find Lightning Roulette – Navigate over to the “Live Casino” section and look for Lightning Roulette within the array of live dealer options.

Casino Days live casino section
Casino Days Lightning Roulette choose your bets

3. Choose Your Bets – Consider your betting strategy. Will you go for straight-up bets, column bets, or other options? Decide how you want to maximize your chances of hitting those lucky lightning numbers.

4. Place Your Bets – Wait for the current round’s bets to complete. Once the betting phase closes, the dealer reveals the lucky lightning numbers on the screen. Each lightning number is paired with a multiplier (ranging from 50x to 500x).

Casino Days Lightning Roulette place your bets

That’s it! Sit back and watch as the dealer releases the roulette ball. If the ball lands on one of the lightning numbers you bet on, your payout gets multiplied. Even if your bet isn’t on a lightning number though, you’ll still receive a payout.

Lightning Roulette RTP and Payouts

The RTP (Return to Player) of Lightning Roulette at Casino Days is 97.30%. This RTP is based on the game’s design and rules, which follow European roulette with a single zero. However, Lightning Roulette Live includes additional features like “Lucky Numbers” and “Lucky Payouts” that can multiply winnings significantly, even up to 500 times your bet! 

Since Lightning Number multipliers apply only to Straight bets, the remaining bets (Split, Street, Corner, Line, Column, Dozen, etc.) have the same odds as traditional European roulette. Here’s a brief overview of the Lightning Roulette odds and payouts for each bet: 

Bet TypeOdds of WinningPayouts (Normal)Payouts (Lightning Multiplier)

Lightning Roulette Strategy

Here are some betting strategies tailored for Lightning Roulette online that you might find useful:

Spread Betting

This strategy involves placing bets on a large number of individual numbers. The idea is to cover as much of the roulette wheel as possible, increasing your chances of hitting a Lucky Number with a high multiplier. For example, you could place small bets on 20 different numbers. This way, you have a higher chance of getting a payout if the ball lands on one of the numbers you’ve bet on, especially if it becomes a Lucky Number.

Using Outside Bets for Stability

While outside bets like red/black, odd/even, or high/low won’t qualify for the multiplied payouts of Lucky Numbers, they can provide more stable wins. This can be a good way to manage your bankroll with responsible gambling while waiting for a Lucky Number to hit on one of your Straight Up Bets.

Seek out Promotions

Strategically utilizing casino bonuses can be a smart way to extend your playtime and potentially increase your chances of winning. Casino Days offers several promotions, from instant prize drops and tournaments to an exclusive 100% Welcome Bonus up to ₹100,000. A casino bonus like this can give you extra funds to play online casino games or free chances to bet without risking your own money. 

Who Makes Lightning Roulette?

Lightning Roulette is developed by Evolution, formerly Evolution Gaming, a leading provider of live dealer games in the online casino realm. Established in 2006, the company is renowned for its extensive range of live casino games and has been recognized for its innovative live casino solutions, being named the “Live Casino Supplier of the Year” multiple times. Some other popular Evolution titles you can expect to find at Casino Days include Crazy Time, MONOPOLY Live, Super Sic Bo and Infinite Blackjack, among others.

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Casino Days Lightning Roulette FAQ

What is Lightning Roulette?

Lightning Roulette is an innovative variation of traditional European roulette, combining standard gameplay with advanced RNG lucky number mechanics, awarding multiplied payouts of 50x to 500x. 

Can You Play Lightning Roulette in India?

Yes, Lightning Roulette can be played in India through safe and regulated platforms that offer games from Evolution, such as Casino Days. 

How Do You Win Lightning Roulette?

To win in Lightning Roulette, players must correctly predict the number on which the ball will land. The game includes all the usual bets plus the chance to win significantly more if your straight-up number bet is struck by lightning and receives a multiplied payout.

Can You Play Lightning Roulette for Free?

No. Unfortunately, like all other online live casino games, there is no free Lightning Roulette demo version. All games must be played for real money.