Conquer the wheel and win it big at Crazy Time!

Have an exciting good time at Evolution’s Crazy Time Live and discover thrilling bonuses and payouts in every spin of the wheel. It’s one of the best live dealer games out there filled with electrifying rewards and multipliers that will fuel your desire to win!

This interactive live dealer game reaches crazy levels with bonus rewards and payouts that can go up to 25,000x your stake at an RTP of 96.08%. What are you waiting for? Step into this virtual wonderland and unlock a variety of bonuses and prizes that’s waiting for you at Crazy Time!

How to win at Crazy Time

Crazy Time is a game show inspired live dealer game by Evolution that follows the money wheel concept of Dream Catcher and Monopoly Live. Here, a game presenter spins the wheel with 54 different segments and you’ll have to guess where the pin will land before it stops. 

The numbers 1, 2, 5 and 10 are laid out on the wheel’s segments along with bonuses including Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, Pachinko and Crazy Time. You can bet on each one of these options during the betting window. 

Betting options

To start the game you must choose your preferred chip size first. Denominations of the following chips are the only bets you are allowed to place: 

  • 1
  • 5
  • 25
  • 100
  • 500
  • 1,000

There are also different betting limits per option that you can choose. Refer to the table below to know the minimum and maximum wagers you can place:

Betting optionsBetting limits
1US$0.10 to US$2,500 
2US$0.10 to US$2,500
5US$0.10 to US$1,500
10US$0.10 to US$1,000
Coin FlipUS$0.10 to US$500
PachinkoUS$0.10 to US$500
Cash HuntUS$0.10 to US$500
Crazy TimeUS$0.10 to US$500

2-reel Top Slot

Evolution spiced things up at Crazy Time Live by adding a 2-reel top slot right above the wheel! This Top Slot assigns a random multiplier to a random segment right before the wheel stops turning. You can only reap the multiplier payouts if the pointer lands on the right segment that it chose.

Crazy payouts at Crazy Time!

Bet on the right segment in Crazy Time and you can be one of the lucky players that gets to win massive prizes! Check out the table below to see the payouts that you can receive per segment on the wheel at the maximum wager:

Segment on wheelNumber of segmentsPayout
1211 to 1
2132 to 1
575 to 1
10410 to 1
Pachinko2Up to US$500,000
Cash Hunt2Up to US$500,000
Coin Flip4Up to US$500,000
Crazy Time1Up to US$500,000

Crazy Time Live bonus games

To improve your chances of reaping huge payouts, land the bonus games on the wheel to enter the bonus round! Each bonus game has a different setup wherein all the players who bet on the bonus game the flapper points to have a chance to play. Here are the following bonus games you can unlock at Crazy Time Live:

Cash Hunt

Land on the Cash Hunt segment to trigger the Cash Hunt Bonus Game. A wall of 180 multipliers resembling a shooting gallery appears on the screen once it’s activated. The timer starts and all these multipliers will shield and shuffle as you prepare to shoot the canon. 

Guess where the biggest multiplier is hiding by aiming your target at a specific area. Once the timer stops, the canon will shoot towards your target which will then reveal the hidden multipliers. The bonus round gets even more interesting when it’s chosen during the 2-reel Top Slot mini-game wherein all the 108 symbols are raised to the assigned multiplier. 

Coin Flip 

When you trigger the Coin Flip bonus round, a wishing well with a large screen appears. Let the coin decide your fate by flipping it and choosing between the red or blue side. 

Two random multipliers are assigned to each side of the coin. Whichever appears facing up on the screen is the winning side and the multiplier is applied to your payouts. Additional multipliers are also applied when you hit the 2-reel Top Slot mini-game multiplier.


A large Pachinko wall with a drop puck zone appears when you trigger the Pachinko bonus game. This wall contains physical pegs and the presenter drops a puck to begin the bonus round. 

The randomised drop zone contains 16 random multipliers and wherever the puck lands, you’ll receive the indicated multiplier. You can win up to 10,000x your stake during this bonus round.

Crazy Time

The Crazy Time bonus game is triggered by the big red door that appears on the screen. This door will then transport you to a virtual world that features a ginormous 64-segment wheel with three flappers. Nothing but crazy bonus multipliers are on the segments so there are more chances for you to win it big!

Before the bonus round begins, you’ll have to choose between the blue, green and yellow flapper. After that, the presenter will press a red button to spin the humongous wheel. Whichever multiplier your chosen flapper lands on will be multiplied by your payouts. 

The ginormous wheel can spin again until the multiplier reaches up to 20,000x your stake!

Gain mad bonuses on the gigantic wheels of Crazy Time Live!

Evolution’s Crazy Time Live gives you a live dealer variety game experience you won’t get anywhere else. It’s complete with enticing graphics and tremendous set pieces that will keep you playing for hours on end. Not to mention that the winnings can get up to 250,000x your stake! 

Have a crazy good time and engage with the presenter through the live chat only here at Crazy Time. Place your bets and let the flapper point you to your winning segment! 

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