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Enjoy thunderous rewards and electrifying rounds in Lightning Dice

With online casinos gaining traction and popularity, more and more gamblers go to them for new and thrilling games to play. After all, these websites offer all the thrills and rewards of casino games right in the palm of people’s hands.

One of these thrilling gaming experiences is Lightning Dice by Evolution. Seen by many as a visual masterpiece with electrifyingly exciting new gameplay and rewards, Lightning Dice is a must-play for all types of gamblers! 

Learn about how to play this lucrative game and better your chances of winning it in this Casino Days article. So keep reading to know how you can better your chances of obtaining thunderous rewards!

What is Lightning Dice?

Lightning Dice is a live casino dice game created by Evolution in 2019. A fun game of chance that involves predicting the value of three dice, this is one of the easiest games bettors of any skill level can enjoy.

Aside from its relatively simple gameplay, Lightning Dice is also known for its elegant art deco theme. With sleek black walls adorned by angular white and brown lines and a vintage-aesthetic inspired dice machine, this game looks as amazing as it is fun to play.

Pair this with an incredibly charismatic host wearing a luxurious, 20’s-inspired outfit and you’re sure to feel a sense of dynamic elegance as you play Lightning Dice!

Playing Lightning Dice

To win at Lightning Dice, it’s essential that you know its features so you can enjoy its high-paying benefits. So be sure to know the following by heart to improve your winning chances!

Lightning Dice gameplay

To play a round of Lightning Dice, place a wager on any of the numbers on the 20-sector board shown on the screen. Once the betting window closes, multipliers are given to 2 to 4 sectors via a sudden in-game lightning strike. 

The host will then drop the three, 2-sided dice on the machine and wait until they land to reveal the winning numbers. Should the value of the dice match your chosen sector’s value, you receive a prize based on your wager multiplied by whatever multiplier is on the sector you’ve chosen. 

The board

With 20 sectors to choose from, there are a lot of wager options to choose from in Lightning Dice. These sectors are: 

  • The individual sectors of 3 to 18. 
  • ‘Low’ sector – This sector allows you to place a wager on the lower numbers of the game: sectors 3 to 9.
  • ‘High’ sector – This sector allows you to place a wager on bigger numbers of the game: sectors 12 to 18.
  • Any Double – This sector allows you to place a wager on any two numbers on the board. 
  • Any Triple – This sector allows you to place a wager on any three numbers on the board.

The machine

Lightning Dice’s machine is lit by multiple bulbs and has a complex maze within which the game’s three dice travel through. The three dice are then released in an exit hole where they land on a small pad. The values seen on these three dice are the basis for the success or loss of your wager.


After you’ve made your wager, a lightning bolt travels around the board, granting 2 to 4 sectors with new, reward-increasing multipliers. If any of these sectors hit and you bet on them, you win their corresponding rewards multiplied by their multipliers that can go as high as 500x! 


The rewards you can expect in Lightning Dice depend on which sector you placed your bet on. Here are the values to expect:

Sector Payout
3 or 18149:1 to 999:1
4 or 1749:1 to 499:1
5 or 1624:1 to 249:1
6 or 15 14:1 to 99:1
7 or 149:1 to 99:1
8 or 13 6:1 to 49:1
9 or 125:1 to 49:1
10 or 114:1 to 49:1

Tips to win at Lightning Dice

Your fate in this thrilling game is all defined by the hands of fortune. However, you can put better odds to your favour by doing the following tips:

Wager on sectors 3 and 18

Sectors 3 and 18 have a payout of 999:1 should the dice have any of these two values! So whenever you’re placing wagers on the board, consider betting on these two sectors. 

Place bets on high-probability values

If your goal is primarily to win even small amounts, then these high-probability values are the ones to choose. These are the numbers to wager on: 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13. However, these are not as rewarding as those of rarer values since they land more often.

Check previous winning dice values and bet on them

If you want a guide on which number to wager on, check the tab on the bottom right side of the screen. Here, you’ll see which dice numbers have won in previous rounds. Though these won’t have any bearing on future results, you can still use this information to guide your succeeding wagers.

Set a budget and stick to it

With its easy, fast-paced gameplay and big rewards, you’ll never get enough of playing Lightning Dice. Similar to when you’re playing any kind of casino game, you need to have a budget when playing this game to prevent yourself from spending money you can’t afford to lose. After all, you want to have fun without going bankrupt.

The best way to do this is to stick to a certain budget that’s defined by a certain goal. For instance, whenever you win a round, you can keep on playing until you’ve reached a prize goal. On the other hand, you need to stop playing once you’ve already lost a certain bet value.

In doing this tip, you get to save money while not depriving yourself of the excitement of winning more and more prizes. So be sure to follow this guide and make the most out of your experience.

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