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Lightning Dice 101: A playing guide for beginners

Casinos are adapting with the times, which paved the way for online casino platforms. Here, you can play your favourite casino games such as roulette, baccarat and more at the comfort of your home! What makes online casinos even more popular among players is that they offer a variety of titles enthusiasts can enjoy. 

One of the best emerging games today is Lightning Dice! Evolution Gaming, a game development company, released this game through multiple online casino websites. It shows you a dealer holding three dice, and this will be dropped into the Lightning Tower. Whatever number the dice land, those will be the winning numbers of the round.

If you are interested in learning more about Lightning Dice as well as its gameplay, continue reading the following sections below:

How to play Lightning Dice

Game rules and mechanics

Like any other game, you should always familiarize yourself with the rules and mechanics first. Learning this will give you the advantage you need, which can help you play confidently moving forward. For Lightning Dice, below are the game rules and mechanics:

  • Ensure that you sign in to your account to access the live casino Lightning Dice.
  • There are three dice present, and each has a 1-6 face value. 
  • Your goal is to correctly guess the sum value of the three dice. There are 16 slots where you can place your bets, and it goes from 3 to 18.
  • Each slot has its respective multiplier that will be applied to your wager, in case you are able to choose correctly. The multipliers range from x5-x150.
  • At the beginning of a round, the dealer will ask the players to place their bets on the number of slots that will win the round. There is a time limit for wagering, so it is best to think clearly and precisely of how you will bet.
  • During the betting round, lightning will figuratively strike the table. This will make the multipliers of random number slots increase to x1000!
  • After the betting round and adjustment of multiplier values, the dealer will now drop the three dice into the Lightning Tower.
  • The three dice will fall and once it reaches the bottom, the face-up value of the dice will be added together. If the sum matches the number slot you bet on, you will win, and the multiplier will be automatically applied to your payout.

Lightning Dice is easy to understand, and fast to play, which makes it a crowd-favourite among online casino goers. 

When to place bets in Lightning Dice

For every round of Lightning Dice, the dealer opens the floor for players to place their bets on the number slot they think will appear. You can bet as many numbers as you can, but remember to stay within your bankroll limit to avoid getting bankrupt. Additionally, make sure to place all your bets within the time limit because you cannot bet again later in the round.


Below is chart for the assigned multiplier of each number slot:


To give you an idea how the payout works, here is a sample situation:

You placed a wager of $20 on number slot 18. It happens that the sum of all 3 dice adds up to 18. This means that your wager will be multiplied by 150. Your payout will now be $3,000.

Additionally, always keep your eyes peeled on the table because lightning will only strike twice per round. When this happens, two out of the 18 number slots will be randomly selected and have both of their multipliers changed to 1,000x.

How to win in Lightning Dice

There is no sure way to win at Lightning Dice since the gameplay happens at random. However, there are techniques that can help you increase your chances of winning. 

Lightning Dice strategies you can use

  1. Always place bets on 3 and 18

The number slots 3 and 18 have the highest multiplier, which is 150x. It is best to put your money at stake on these numbers because when it wins, you will receive a large sum of payout in the end. Moreover, you do not have to bet big for these numbers since the multiplier is high enough.

  1. Bet on the most probable outcomes

For this strategy, you need to use your analytical skills because you need to deduce the number of slots that have a high probability of winning. Although, do not rely on this too much since the game is random.

  1. Keep track of the numbers you previously wagered on

It is best to keep track of all your bets. This will help you build data, which can guide you on what numbers you should wager on next.

  1. Keep track of your bankroll

Playing a rewarding and fast-paced game can make you forget your bank roll limits. This is something you avoid because you don’t want to end up with more losses than wins. When playing, make sure you have an allocated budget for the day. Don’t go over your limit by scheduling your playing or the allowance you’ll use. 

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