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Take home the jackpot when you play Deal or No Deal!

Deal or No Deal has always been one of the most thrilling and fun game shows to watch on TV. Nothing beats the suspense of slowly opening the briefcases to see which value they possess. You can now experience the thrill of this game show time thanks to Evolution Gaming’s Deal or No Deal Live here at Casino Days India! No need to become a contestant because you can access this game online at the comfort of their homes across devices. 

Are you excited to play this game? Here’s everything you need to know:

What is Deal or No Deal Live?

Deal or No Deal Live by Evolution Gaming brings the entire experience of the hit game show to the comfort of players’ homes with the added benefit of unique multipliers for massive wins. The game itself is live-streamed in full HD from one of Evolution Gaming’s world-class remote studios.

The game show and online version of deal or no deal has the same gameplay. The biggest difference between the two is that you’ll be playing alongside unlimited numbers of players. Aside from that, the goal stays the same in which you have to choose one of the 16 briefcases and hope that it contains the biggest prize.

Throughout the game, you’ll pick out the numbered briefcases one by one during different rounds until there’s no briefcase left. After every round, the mysterious banker will offer to buy your briefcase and depending on your performance he can either offer a high or low price. Finally, it’s up to you to choose between deal or no deal until the final round.

How to play Deal or No Deal online

Deal or No Deal plays are a bit different from the tv show version. Instead of instantly putting the players in the actual game, they would have to go through two different segments.

First segment

The first segment is the qualification round. Here, players have to spin a wheel and line up three of its sections to qualify for the main game. Think of it as a normal slot game where you’d have to line 3 symbols in a row to win.

You can choose to set the wheel to one of its three modes which can affect your chances of qualifying. These modes include:

Very easy mode

During this mode, you only have to spin one section because the other two will be locked in place which makes it easier for you to qualify. Because of this advantage, one spin in this mode will cost you 9x your initial bet.

Easy mode

Easy mode locks only one section in place but it’s still an advantage because you only have to line up two segments instead of three which can increase your bet three times.

Normal mode

Normal mode doesn’t offer any advantage because you have to spin and line up all three segments of the wheel. This makes your chances of winning slimmer than the two modes, which is why each spin will only cost its face value.

Second segment

The second segment is where you can top up the briefcase of your choice. All you have to do is click on your desired case and input the amount of money you want to stake to adjust the different prize money on the wheel.

After that, you can spin the wheel and whichever value it lands on will be added to the briefcase you’ve chosen to increase its initial value. You can also spin the wheel as many times as you want as long as you’re wagering.

The main game

After you’ve qualified and topped up all the briefcases that you want, you’ll then proceed to the third and final segment which is the main game itself. The mechanics of Deal or No Deal online is simple, you can either win the money inside the last briefcase or accept a much better offer from the banker.

The game starts by revealing three briefcases to the player. Once opened, their corresponding values will  be removed from the prize board displayed on the screen. After revealing the first three cases, the dealer will make his first offer to buy your briefcase, which you can either accept or reject by choosing deal or no deal. Be sure to think quickly because once the timer runs out, it’ll automatically count your decision as no deal. 

This process is repeated two times with the difference being instead of three, four cases will be revealed to the player. 

At the final round, only two briefcases will remain and you’ll be presented with three different options which are deal, no deal and swap cases. Choosing a deal means you’ll accept the money offered by the banker to buy your briefcase. On the other hand, choosing no deal will let you take home the prize money in your briefcase.

On the other hand, choosing to swap the briefcase option also means that you’re turning down the banker’s offer and you’re going to win the corresponding amount of that specific case.

Tips and tricks in playing Deal or No Deal online

Now that you’ve learned the basics of Deal or No Deal, it’s time for you to start racking up those prizes! To help you do that, here are some of the strategies that you can try incorporating into your gameplay:

  • Instantly accept the dealer’s offer if it’s more than double the amount of your initial bet.
  • Don’t lose hope when there are still several red boxes in the game because you’ll get a chance to receive a better offer from the banker.
  • Take your time to ponder on the banker’s offer.
  • Don’t depend on the last box to be good.
  • Use the ease or very easy mode during the qualification rounds.

Play Deal or No Deal here at Casino Days India!

Deal or No Deal is a fun and rewarding game. It’s filled with suspense which will keep you at the edge of your seat every time a briefcase gets revealed and the banker makes an offer. What are you waiting for? Experience the rush of this game when you start betting in Deal or No Deal here at Casino Days India now!

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