Casino Days: Slots 101

If you’re new to online slot games, playing them can be a bit overwhelming. There are things you need to familiarize yourself with to understand how they work. 

Although understanding certain elements of slots such as paylines and RTPs can be difficult at first, once you get the hang of it, you will be breezing through different slot games! Experience all the fun slots gaming can offer, as well as get the chance to hit the jackpot, once you learn all about the slots basics here at Casino Days:

What are slots?

Just like most casino games, slots are a game of chance. It is made up of different sets of reels that feature various symbols and paylines. The rules of the game are simple: press the button to start spinning the reels and hope that matching symbols land on the slots’ paylines once the reels stop spinning. 

Slots are popular among casino players. A big reason for this is because it has one of the simplest mechanics and gameplay in any casino game. Moreover, slots offer abundant rewards that players can win in the game! Experience the thrill of waiting for the reels to stop spinning and reveal winning combinations on the paylines to reward you with bonuses or massive payouts. 

Additionally, slots also come in various themes that will bring you a whole new slot gaming experience! Get the chance to win while immersing into diverse worlds depicted by the slots’ graphics and animations. 

Here are the most common themes that you will encounter in slot games:

  • Magic
  • Viking
  • Music
  • Egyptian
  • Fantasy
  • Jackpot
  • Wild West
  • Pirates.

What are the different types of slots?

Throughout the years, there are several types of slots that have been introduced to players. Each of them offers a specific type of gameplay, symbols and features. Here are two of the most common and famously known types of slots:

3-reel slots 

3-reel slots are what you would usually think of when you hear the word ‘slot machines’. Considered as the oldest format of slots, these variants are commonly found in brick and mortar casinos. Usually, this type of slot features 3 reels, a single payline and fewer game features.

What makes 3 reel slots popular among players is their simplicity. Players who want to enjoy laid-back gameplay without complicated game mechanics usually go for this type of slot. The most common symbols you can see in three-reel slots are classic symbols such as fruits, bells, diamonds, horseshoes and stars.

5-reel slot 

5-reel slots are also commonly called ‘video slots’ and offer various features such as bonuses, wilds and free spins. These make the game more exciting by adding more chances for players like you to win and increase their payouts! 

As the name suggests, this type of slot comes with 5 reels which means they can offer more possible paylines than 3-reel slots. Nowadays, some 5-reel slots offer up to Megaways to win with over thousands of paylines! Additionally, video slots feature various themes into their gameplay, making each spin of the reel even more immersive. 

Terms that you should know

While exploring various slot games, you will encounter a bunch of terms that may sound unfamiliar to you. It’s vital to learn the meaning of these terms so you can get a better understanding of how slots work and use this knowledge to your advantage:


As you begin playing a slot game, you will immediately notice one word and that is ‘paylines’. Paylines are the lines or patterns where the symbols land on to create winning combinations. There are different positions that these lines can appear in slots. Depending on the game, you can either bet on all paylines or choose a select few. 

The number of paylines varies depending on the game and providers. Most traditional slots offer single paylines while modern video slots can offer up to thousands! 


The reels are the part of the slot machine that spin once you pull the lever or click the spin button. Various symbols and icons can be found on the reel and once it stops spinning, the symbols can potentially form winning combinations. 

Random Number Generator (RNG)

One of the most important things that players should know about online slots is their fairness. This is ensured by the use of a Random Number Generator (RNG). 

RNG is a technology used by online casinos to produce random numbers or in the case of slot games, random symbols. This feature ensures that the outcome is entirely random and provably fair for the players. 

Return to Player Percentage (RTP) 

Return to Player Percentage or RTP is the percentage of how much players can expect to win back from the total bet the game receives over an unlimited number of spins. This percentage varies depending on the provider or slot game and is computed after running a series of test spins on the game. 

Free Spins

Free Spins add excitement to the game because it rewards players the ability to spin the reels multiple times without putting anything on the table. 

This special feature is typically activated when you land a certain number of scatter symbols. The number of Free Spins you can trigger depends on scatters you land on the reels.


Wilds add a different dynamic to a traditional slot game. Usually, a wild symbol can substitute paying symbols and increase a player’s chances of landing winning combinations. Wilds can appear randomly during your game which makes the game all the more exciting! 


Scatters are special symbols that can be found in online slots. Their purpose may vary depending on the game you’re playing. In general, scatters can trigger special game features such as Free Spins and Bonus games that can increase a player’s chances to take home higher rewards. 

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