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Top 10 biggest slot wins you should know about

Slot games are popular among players across the world because of their simple gameplay and beautifully created graphics and themes. 

What makes slots even more popular is that they offer plenty of opportunities to take home massive wins. In fact, some players were even lucky enough to be turned into millionaires because of one lucky round at a slot game.

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$39.7 million – Josh Ford

17 years ago on March 21st 2003, the biggest slot game jackpot was won by a young software engineer named Josh Ford in Excalibur Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas. On that historic day, Josh was simply visiting his family and met his uncle who encouraged him to bet on the Megabucks slot machine, a progressive slot game with a low wagering requirement. 

Thanks to a large number of people there on that day because of the low bet of $3 and a $10,000,000 starting seed, all their tries have increased the jackpot to $39.7 million. With $100 in hand, Josh became the biggest slot winner in history. 

$34.9 million – Cynthia Jay Brennan

On January 26th, 2000, Cynthia Jay Brennan, a cocktail waitress, was another winner of the Megabucks slot machine. During that life-changing day, Cynthia was spending time with her boyfriend’s family at the Desert Inn Hotel and Casino. 

After playing for a few spins, she was unable to get winning combinations. However, as if by fate, Cynthia chose to play on until she hit the right combination and became the second slot game millionaire.

$27.6 Million – A 67-year-old retired flight attendant 

On November 18, 1998, a retired flight attendant said that patience is a great virtue. During her time waiting for her seat at a restaurant, she played a game of Megabucks and instantly became a millionaire!

After spending a large amount of $300, her wagers were definitely worth it as she became one of the most highly paid winners by being a slot gamer. 

€17.8 Million – A Mega Fortune Finnish Player

In 2013, a Mega Fortune Finnish Player became one of the lucky players who bagged a fortune in slots.

The best part about their story is that this player didn’t bet with a big wager, they simply bet with a humble 25¢. Then, after spinning the reel, they became an instant millionaire while playing a game of NetEnt’s Mega Fortune slot at  

$22.6 Million – Johanna Heundl

In May 2002, a 75-year-old gamer became a millionaire before having her cup of coffee. While waiting for her order to be served, she was playing a game of Megabucks with her $170. This would be a good decision that she’s made because she became a millionaire by winning $22.6 Million! 

$21.3 Million – 49-year-old business consultant

As the most famous casino in the world, Caesars Palace has taken and given millions of dollars to so many players since 1966. In 1999, one of their biggest payouts in history was won by a business consultant who took home more than 20 million dollars. 

The great thing about this business consultant’s story is that he only spent a small amount of money, specifically, $10, in exchange for life-changing millions in a Megabucks slot machine. 

$21.1 Million – Elmer Sherwin

In 2005, Elmer was one of the players who struck luck while playing Megabucks slot at the Cannery Casino. What’s more exciting about this story is that this isn’t the first time he won the jackpot prize. In 1989, Elmer won $4.6 million by playing the same game’ or something similar.

£13.2 Million – Jon Heywood

After serving his country by fighting in Afghanistan, Jon Heywood gets his award for being a hero by being a lucky winner of Betway’s Mega Moolah slot in 2013. 

By playing with the small amount of 25p, this soldier managed to win more than £10 million and became one of the people who became a millionaire through an online slot. 

$17.3 Million – Anonymous gambler at M Resort in Henderson

An anonymous gambler at M Resort Henderson has her life changed in an instant after playing Megabucks millionaire. The fun thing about her story is not that she’s won almost more than $10 million, but it’s because she only used free credits to win the game. 

$14.3 Million – Anonymous Megabucks player

In 2013, this Megabucks player placed a small $20 wager into a slot machine and found himself as one of the millionaires of the richest slot game provider, even if it was only for a short time. 

After winning $14.3 Million, this winner chose to be helpful and generous with his money by donating most of this large prize money to charitable organizations. 

Casino Days’ slot games with high RTP

For players wanting to see if they too would be the next lucky slots millionaire, Casino Days feature a wide selection of slot games they can enjoy. With their gorgeous and colourful themes, great immersive sound effects, and finally, a high RTP rate, slot gamers would surely want to have a try of these great games! 

Below are some of Casino Days’ best slot games with high RTP rates for bigger chances of winning: 

Pragmatic Play’s Curse of the Werewolf Megaways

Minimum bet: $0.10

Maximum bet: $100

RTP: 96.5%

Walk the streets of 19th Century Europe as you try to catch a wild werewolf on the loose and create winning combinations! With the help of local villagers and their individual abilities, you would be able to catch the feared werewolf and use its power of a Max win of 40,976 x of your total stake so that you would be able to create higher chances of winning big prizes. 

Alchemy Gaming’s Africa X UP

Minimum bet: $0.30

Maximum bet: $37.50

RTP: 96.3%

Visit the breathtaking savannahs of Africa and work with its great chiefs and warriors in your search for great rewards! With the help of these great leader’s abilities, and various wild animals they keep as pets, their great offering of up to 30,000 x multiplier of your total stake would give you the chance to make winning combinations and win big rewards.

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