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9 ways players can win in 6-deck blackjack games

If you’re looking for a blackjack game that has more thrills than usual, then a 6 deck blackjack game is the way to go. With US$6 that you could win for every US$5 you wager, there are more prizes and fun you are sure to have! However, great prizes also come with greater challenges since 6-deck blackjack’s house edge is 2% while the traditional one is at 0.5%.

Fortunately, there are 9 ways you can overcome these 6 deck blackjack challenges and you’ll find all of them in this article. If you want to start winning in this fun and challenging game, keep reading this Casino Days India guide. 

Understand basic rules

Whether you’re a novice or veteran blackjack player, you should master the basic rules of blackjack. By doing so, you will increase your chances of winning while applying the strategies.

Here are some basic rules you need to remember:

Card Values

Knowing the values of the cards is the first basic rule you need to remember. Learning this will help you assemble a card hand of 21 easily and avoid busting.

Here are the card values:

  • Ace has a value of 11 or 1 (depending on the current card hand you have)
  • King, Queen and Jack cards are valued at 10
  • Diamond, Spade, Heart and Club cards are taken at Face value.

Blackjack actions

In addition to the card values, the actions you tell the dealer will help you to succeed in the round you’re in. 

  • Hit – Hitting in a round of blackjack means you’re asking the dealer for another card to build up a hand of 21.
  • Stand – Standing during a round means you’re telling the dealer that you’re no longer asking for a card.
  • Double Down – When you double down in a round, your wager doubles and you receive another card.
  • Split – Splitting during a round means you’ve received two of the same cards and will then split them into separate hands.
  • Surrender – Surrendering means you’ve given up your cards and wager in the round. 

Winning in blackjack

To win in blackjack, you have to make the right decisions to make a number less than or equal to 21 before the dealer does so

Stick to your budget 

Setting a budget is an excellent way to win at 6 deck blackjack. Due to its larger house edge, it’s better if you have a set budget. Should you lose, it won’t affect you as hard as someone without a budget. 

Additionally, before playing the game, create plans and actions you will take for every win or loss you have or a personal financial milestone you’ve reached. Doing so will help you save money when losing or enjoy splurging a little every time you win. After all, you want to make the most out of your blackjack experience.

Finally, a great way to stick to your budget is by being calm, cool and collected. When you do so, you’re making the right decisions and stop yourself from going over your budget when you feel like the next round will be ‘the one’ you’ll win.

Focus on your own game

When you find yourself at a table with other players, it’s best to focus on your own game. This is because the effects of their wins or losses won’t affect you regardless of the higher house edge. 

With these in mind, take the time to focus on the strategies you’ve built for yourself and have a fun day playing the game.

Use side bets

One of the best things about 6 deck blackjack is it gives you additional ways to have fun. With this game, there are a lot of side bets requirements you can count on, allowing more unique and rewarding ways to play blackjack. 

Double down on 11

Should you have a 2 card hand valued at 11, it’s a great opportunity for you to double the value of your wager since there’s a chance you’ll win the round. If you double down and continue hitting, you’ll have better chances of winning.

Be in control during play

Keeping your cool is essential for a successful 6 deck blackjack game. With a lot of challenges from the game, having the proper mindset can keep you from making mistakes. If you don’t, you will find yourself losing a lot of money, especially if you’re too excitable or desperate. To avoid this, prepare yourself mentally and follow the financial plans you’ve made for yourself. 

Minimize insurance usage

The purpose of insurance is to be a side bet that can minimize your losses. This is offered to you in case the dealer gets blackjack. Should they build this hand, you won’t lose your entire bet but instead, receive half of it. However, if you do win the round, you will be rewarded a payout of 2 to 1.

On paper, it looks like insurance is an excellent way to win at 6 deck blackjack. After all, the house edge is incredibly high and can cause you to lose more often. However, it’s not ideal if you’re thinking of using this in the long run. 

As you keep paying for the insurance, you are losing more and more of your money. Even if you do win or receive half of your bet, the continuous spending for this side bet is more than what you’re winning. 

Refrain from progressive strategies too much

Regardless of whether it’s a positive or negative progressive strategy, it’s best to avoid them too often. This is because basing your next betting strategy on whether you’ve won or lost can become a losing choice in the long run. 

Use rewards and bonuses

To help you win more or deal with your losses because of the high house edge, it’s best to use the rewards and bonuses the casino has set up for its members. Simply sign up with them and the rewards program they offer. 

These rewards include, but are not limited to the following bonuses:

  • Retrieving a percentage of your lost wagers
  • Giving you bonus prizes for signing up
  • Additional chips for you to use and play with.

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